Meet Cass and Naomi


Hey, I’m Naomi – the Brit Brunette. Cass – the Aussie Blonde – and I met in Malaysia in 2015 at a fitness convention and are united in our pasts by both previously working for Zumba Fitness. Quite incredible we never met before really!

Both of us had arranged to go to Bali for a few days after the fitness convention so naturally we joined forces and Cass, experienced in the art of working Bali, showed me around.

We’ve become great friends, frequently sharing stories of our dating mishaps, supporting each other, laughing and marvelling at the fact anyone is able to find a good man these days (we know you exist… honest!)

But maybe we’re just a bit fussy! We allow ourselves to be so because what good would it be to spend our lives being miserable with the wrong guys.

This seems to be very apt for us and our conversations:


So join us on our journey. Laugh, be shocked (I hope my parents don’t read this!) and laugh out loud again at our candid tales of dating in cities, from London where I live, to Brisbane, where Cass lives, and everywhere in between.

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Meet Naomi

30-something, 5’4″ Divorced, Brit/Italian mix. Lover of laughter and dancing.

I run my own business in fitness/tech. Grew up in the UK and have also lived in Italy and South Africa. Currently living in London, UK.

I’m interested in meeting fun, interesting, visionary, successful (amazing how many people think successful means lots of money…) men with a view to finding something more meaningful.

I value respect and honesty above all.

No mummy’s boys. No time-wasters. No rude or disrespectful people.

Yes to open-minded, compassionate, fun, excited-about-life, reliable, intelligent GENTLEMEN who talk straight and who are respectful. Must know how to lead and not be afraid of a strong, passionate woman with values and an opinion.

Great smile, eyes and arms will catch my attention. Making me laugh and feel special will win me over. Good conversation is a must.

No effort = No Naomi! (stolen from my friend Nikki, also a confident, successful, single woman in London)

Oh and my working life is mostly spent in sportswear so when I go out I like to dress up and wear heels. You still need to be taller than me when I am wearing heels (yes, that means you get to be my protector!) *note my height above*


Meet Cass


Yes, I’m quite familiar with Bali having visited there over 13 times and counting.  It was Naomi’s first visit to Asia and I was glad to be there to break her in gently.

Following Naomi’s lead, I am a 40-something woman living in Brisbane, Australia.  I am completely Aussie, born and bred but with a Dutch father.  I have traveled extensively to many continents and love the thought of landing in a new airport finding my own way to where I need to go. I have mostly traveled solo and mostly for work.  I too work in the fitness industry and although rarely traveling for relaxation, I get to meet new people and discover new cultures and beautiful beaches whilst working

I have been single for over six years now with a short seven month relationship ending over two years ago.

Im 167cm and like Naomi I am attracted to men who are taller than me, bigger than me, stronger than me.  Men who make me feel like a woman. Feel safe and protected.  Strength isn’t only physical it’s also in their confidence and the way they take control.  I really like a man who is assertive yet never arrogant.  I want to dress nice for a night by your side and love to wear a hot dress and beautiful heels.  I would hate to be doing that and be looking down at you and assume that as man, most men wouldn’t find that too attractive either.

Physically I seem to be attracted to Caucasian men, aged 38-45, at least 5 foot 10, someone active be it gym or otherwise, a keen sense of fashion, great smile and kind eyes.

I tend to find that men find women like us especially attractive being girls who are confident in their ability and know who they are.  Who are independent and are comfortable taking care of themselves.  It is also often the very thing that drives them away so it takes a truly confident man who knows what he wants to balance things out, and put them where they need be.

I have no kids no ex husband

What I  have discovered I miss when traveling, is turning to someone and saying ‘wow look at that’.  I’m blessed to experience some amazing things and do so on my own.   One day I would like to be holding someone’s hand and see these things together.

Although I’m single I am not generally lonely.  There are moments I wish it was different but being with the right person is far more important than filling an empty seat on a plane.  Quality over quantity I say.


What about you? Are you single too? Dating? New boyfriend? Partner or one of the lucky ones who’s found a mate for life! Let us know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Meet Cass and Naomi

  1. Lisa

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that there are some good men out there. After what seems an eternity of heartbreak and dissapointment I have found my Mr Right. We started chatting on a dating site and a year on we are now planning our wedding. I had several unsuccessful blind dates but also many dates that I laugh about now and met some good friends along the way.

    Never give up on wanting a man who respects you, who loves you for who you are, makes you laugh and when u cry wipes the tears away, he’s out there looking for the same as you.

    Enjoy dating again, laugh lots with your friends and you will meet your Mr Right.


    Liked by 1 person

      • singlecass

        Congrats on your engagement and thank you for being our first ever comment.
        As Naomi said, we know good guys exist and we appreciate them very much. Whilst looking for the one who is at the right place at the right time we have some hilarious stories to share and also some heart felt thoughts too.
        Enjoy your amazing man and send his friends our way ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck ladies. Have fun, keep an open mind and an open heart and I hope and wish that the men you meet respect and value you both. … And a message to any men reading this out there, get working on those arms:-0


  3. Janice

    G = fool
    You are both drop dead gorgeous, with bodies the rest of us can only be envy of… Successful go-getters, intelligent and witty (ok, I don’t know Cass personally but if you get on so well with Naomi, I guess you are similar)
    I echo other comments, I also know a few people whom have met ‘The One’ on dating sites and have been to a couple of weddings, another one in September. Keep searching and enjoy the journey x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Belinda Foster

    I thought I was the only one…41..No children… I have had all the questions… Are you gay? (As I have a shaved head) Are you not lonely? (No I am too busy to be lonely) No kids??? How come? Because life does not always pan out as you planned when you were 10… Lol…Why are you single??? Duh!!! Lol
    Longest relationship was around 6 years with a serial cheater… But pretended it wasn’t happening as I didnt think I could do any better… I was almost 21 stone with no self confidence… I have been single for a long while…had a couple of faux dating stints… That led no where…after meeting them online… That’s a whole new story… Lol… Anyway I decided a few years back… How can anyone love me if I didn’t love myself… So I got off my enormously huge butt… Lost the weight (not all) still on my journey…so far lost 6 stone… And became a Zumba instructor in which I qualified with you Naomi… Lol… You are amazing by the way…

    I lost my sister nearly 3 years ago so that set me back a bit from the dating scene but I have recently started to find me…. gone back online… I am hoping that he is there somewhere because I have realised he is not going to knock on my door and say “here I am”… I am forever hopeful…. Sorry for the long post… Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • singlecass

      Oh my goodness Belinda!!!
      Please please NEVER apologise for writing heart felt honest words with us. Where you may see yourself and unusual I read your message and thought ‘what an average everyday person’ (in your story not in the amazing individual you clearly are)
      Your story is like so many Belinda and to hear you are determined to fulfill your goals and take charge of your beautiful self makes me smile. Something like zumba can be insignificant in one persons life but completely life changing to many others.
      Although both Naomi and I are involved in other programs we both agree in the value zumba had put into so many peoples lives.
      Without it she and I would not have met either and that’s just one amazing benefit for me.
      Everyday I feel blessed to be able to help so many (mostly women) discover themselves, become more Healthy, achieve fitness goals, meet new friends, feel sexy again, take stress from their day and lives… We as instructor its have such a wonderful gift of giving and I appreciate that every day

      Thank you so much for sharing and please stay with us along our ride 😘


  5. mashimaro

    With Christmas round the corner, what are you 2 lovelies up to? no more postings?? We missed reading the new interesting stories!!

    Come back please!


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